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How to do the Test?

When you load the site, a window opens automatically so you can perform your test.
If this does not happen, click the ABOVE button on start test

How to Use the Test


The test works when you press the keys on your keyboard (USB / PS2), Each key pressed will appear in the text box above the keyboard

The keys

Pressing any key will show on the screen an orange color for active key (holding down)
Releasing the key will show GREEN for key pressed and released
The button in light blue color Multi-function key

Test OK

To find out if your test worked, all the keys on the screen will be GREEN.

Not Changed?

If you pressed all the keys and some did not change color, check your keyboard, it may be defective, if it is new, try to exchange it

Redo the Test

If you have doubts about the test and want to do it, you can do as many times as you think necessary, just click the REFRESH TEST button
Our test is set up to work with any keyboard.

We tested already


About Teclado.ONLINE

Keyboard Tester

New Test Model

In 2018 we started with the objective of bringing a fast and efficient test for all types of keyboards.
Without the need to make installations or add-ons, we were able to perform the test of your keyboard in a simple, easy and fast way.
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How to Choose a Keyboard

Some tips for you to buy a keyboard for your profile, whether for use at home or at work

Response Time

As with mice, one of the most important requirements on gamers' keyboards is the response time.

Instant Info

One of the most common problems on keyboards is ghosting. It occurs when the peripheral can not respond to the command of several keys being pressed at the same time.


Different functions and shortcuts can be crucial for players.

Game Templates


[Hardcore, medium level.]


[Enthusiast, low level.]

Models for office use


[Best wireless kit today. high level. high value]

Microsoft Digital Media 3000 Keyboard USB Digital Ergonomic

[multimedia full. medium level. low cost ]


[basic. low level. low value]

How to Identify a Keyboard

Some keyboard tips for use at home or at work

Typically 3 types of keyboards are found, identified by acronyms. Are they: ABNT2 (Portuguese - Brazil); US (American English) and the PT – PT (Portuguese Portugal).

ABNT2 Keyboard - Brazilian Standard
The ABNT2 keyboards are those with the decimal (Ç) key and have the question mark (?) Positioned next to the right Shift key. They also differ from US keyboards in relation to the size of the Enter key.

US – International English The International English (US) keyboard layout pattern differs from the Brazilian ABNT2 standard because it does not have the cÃ-cedilla key (Ç). Another feature is that the Enter key is smaller compared to other layouts.
TIP: To make the Ç on the keyboard with US layout, use the acute accent keys (') and then the C.

PT – (Portuguese of Portugal) These keyboards closely resemble ABNT2, differing only by the fact that they do not have the interrogation button (?) On the right side of the shift. In this case, the interrogation button is at the top next to the number keys. In addition, if the key with the minor and major symbols () is on the left, the keyboard has the Portuguese language layout of Portugal